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October 2020
RAL COLOURS News October 2020

Dear Readers,

Autumn is traditionally the time for big events, annual conferences and workshops. This year, many of them will take place as virtual events. A lot of things will be different, but there will also be room for new ideas. Colour design is also picking up on this development; and fortunately experts have been reporting on a growing courage regarding the use of colour the past few months. Not only in the private sector, but also in the segment of commercial customers, colour designers and craftmen are witnessing an increasing attention to this "sensual" issue.

In our latest edition we take you on a wonderful conjunction between history and modern times. The object report on the City Gate Bremen impressively shows how these apparent contrasts can be joined together in an elegant way.

Colour accompanies us through our lives. But why do we respond more strongly to certain colour shades than to others? The answers to these and many other questions can be learned in our latest workshop on colour psychology.

We hope you enjoy reading our newsletter and wish you a nice and a healthy golden autumn.


your RAL COLOURS editorial office

City Gate Bremen

"It is nice to see that modern colour design can provide objects with a happy soul". This is the way the investor of the newly built City Gate Bremen describes the effect of the user-oriented and humanistic colour concept, which was designed and implemented by colour consultant Nathalie Pagels from Düsseldorf based on the RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus.

RAL 180 50 50 Ocean green

Green represents the colour shade that is located in the center. As a synesthetic phenomenon, we experience it simultaneously through different sensory organs. In the middle between the warm red and the cool blue is the pleasant green. Green tastes fresh and sour, red tastes sweet and fruity. Blue is often indifferent. The new colour shade of the RAL Colour DNA also takes us back into the vibrant and fascinating world of colour stories and offers valuable ideas for the selection of the perfect colour nuances.

Workshop trend filter

The story of colours is like a crime novel, only more thrilling. But where do our associations with colour come from? With our own collage we understand our favorite colours and definde learning fields for our personal development. In the workshop with COLORNETWORK and the psychologist Uwe Linke on 29.10.2020 in Bünde, we will learn what colours tell about us and what we can do with them.


With effect of August 12, 2020 RAL has joined the VDID e.V. Verband Deutscher Industrie Designer (Association of German Industrial Designers) as a supporting member. By becoming a member of the VDID e.V., RAL continues to expand its presence on its home market Germany and closes a gap in its consequent focus on a central customer group.

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VDID Sponsoring Membership
Ambassador for RAL Gütezeichen (RAL Quality Seals)

In a time full of changes and uncertainties, the RAL Gütezeichen (RAL Quality Marks) ensure safety and reliability for customers, employees and manufacturers. In our latest video series, managing directors and chairmen of various RAL Gütegemeinschaften (RAL Quality Assurance Associations) explain why it is more important than ever to rely on the RAL quality marks.

RAL 9012 Clean room white

New developments in industry often require new colour schemes. With 2 new colour shades in the well-known colour collection RAL CLASSIC, RAL gives answers and points out, for example, possible ways to improve the ergonomic working conditions in clean rooms.

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